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Our Mission

Health Assist, is a human centered health service, without compromising ethical standards and cutting across countries and states, aimed at health, love and providing the best services to all and understanding customer needs as well as fulfilling their desires using the most modern standards. By doing so, becoming a well-known, continuously successful health organization through the solutions and services we offer.

Our Vision

Is to become a globally known health organization of exemplary character, which places trust and human dignity at the first place, while pursuing her prime and utmost goal of customer satisfaction along with distinguished professional staff members that will culminate into a national and international organization providing equitable, quality health services to all patients in the world arena to match world standards.

Our Check-up Programs

Health Assist Check up Packages in accordance with the age and sex of the individual.

Executive Check Up (male)

Executive Check up (female)

Executive Check Up ( female-below the age of 30)

Cardiological Check Up

Cardioligical Check Up (including coronary ct angio)

Standard Check Up

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